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Replace screw pump printing and dyeing

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  Replace screw pump printing and dyeing
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  Tianma printing and dyeing
  Material characteristics: after the original ore through the ball mill to add hydrogen peroxide calcium carbide slag containing sand slurry is very corrosive, ordinary steel can not bear, its material mixing for high temperature and high pressure heat vapor, the temperature of the material can reach 75 degrees. All piping and valve materials are all 316 stainless steel.
  Original centrifugal pump usage:
  Using two high-power motors drive centrifugal pump is 6 units of 800 square meters of diaphragm filter press feed, two pump for a open a case, feeding pressure of 6.5 kg, because of varying concentrations of old and new, and material of the filter cloth of centrifugal pump feeding time for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, the initial flow of 200 cubic gradually decrease and eventually stop the pump, because of the special material of centrifugal pump is maintenance once a week, every two weeks to overhaul a cost per repair replacement impeller and the pump shell machine seal is 8000-10000 yuan, and 16000-20000 yuan for this month, The annual service fee is 200000_250000 yuan, and each repair has to be more than two people. Sometimes the repair needs the cooperation of four people, and the general repair time takes about three hours.
  After the use of ceramic plunger mud pump
  A yb400s 120 ceramic plunger mud pump is used to feed 6 800m m diaphragm filter presses. Set pressure 6.5 kg, began to feed the ceramic plunger running frequency is the largest, ceramic plunger frequency when set pressure is reached gradually reduce the motor speed slow more energy efficient, according to the variation of concentration of old and new, and material of the filter cloth feeding time is 30 to 60 minutes of initial flow of 120 cubic gradually reduce, due to the nature of materials including sand and the corrosive within the four plunger pump check valve on the rubber valve plates and ceramic plunger rubber seal damage is larger, four rubber valve plates for a month to replace a, rubber seal for 20 days replacement time, every time cost for 4000-5000 yuan, So the annual maintenance fee is about 60,000 yuan. Each maintenance 1-2 people time for 1-2 hours.
  Comprehensive evaluation:
  Plunger pump and centrifugal pump in the case of almost the same feeding time, the annual maintenance cost and maintenance time plunger pump is only a quarter of the centrifugal pump.



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