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Replace screw pump longjiang environmental protection

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  Replace screw pump longjiang environmental protection
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  Longjiang sewage plant (sludge solid-liquid separation feeding pump)
  Biological liqin process treatment of domestic sludge (containing sand and stone is corrosive) solid rate of 5%, the filter press for the van diaphragm filter filter filtration area of 700 square meters, after the treatment of mud cake water content is 35%.
  Original screw pump usage
  Two imported brand screw pumps are adopted to feed the filter press in rotation. First, a low-pressure alloy screw pump is used to feed the material. The low-pressure pump stops working when the pipeline pressure reaches 6kg in about two hours, and another high-pressure alloy screw pump starts and continues feeding when the pipeline pressure reaches 12kg in about two hours. Due to the material contains sand and corrosive screw pump use time is not long on the production of greater wear backflow impact production flow gradually extend the feed time so as to reduce the output. Screw pump use 2 -- 3 months of flow is not up to the process requirements completely need to replace a set of screw cost of 30,000 yuan so that the annual fee is calculated down to 120,000 -- 180,000 yuan, each maintenance needs 2 -- 3 people 4 hours or so.
  After the replacement of the plunger pump usage
  In 2015 the company a YB400N plunger pump into the longjiang sewage factory replace screw pump for filter press feed using until now the situation is as follows, plunger pump plunger running in low pressure feed phase frequency is high, the feed flow work for 2 hours or so big when the line pressure at 12 kilograms plunger frequency gradually reduce the plunger pump to keep the pressure to complete work for 2 hours or so feed feed. Because the material contains sand and corrosive plunger pump 4 valve disc and ceramic plunger rubber seal is easy to damage, according to this year's maintenance records show a total of three maintenance, each replacement of the valve disc and rubber seal cost of 1500 yuan such an annual fee of 4500 yuan, each maintenance 1 person, working time 1-2 hours
  Comprehensive evaluation of
  In the case of the same feed working time piston pump than screw pump in the annual maintenance cost, maintenance time, maintenance personnel maintenance times are significantly reduced, the annual maintenance cost is only 3% of the screw pump, annual maintenance time is only 15% of the screw pump.



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