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Substitute screw pump jianghan oil

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  Substitute screw pump jianghan oil
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  Project address:
  Fuling reef town, chongqing (jianghan oil and gas drilling mud treatment project)
  This project is the harmless treatment of oil-based mud and cuttings from natural gas drilling. The main composition of the mud is drilling cuttings containing oil. The content of cuttings in the mud is about 10% in size of 12mm to 5mm, about 20% in size of 5mm to 1mm, about 35% in size of 1mm to 60, and about 45% in size of below 60. Pumps are required to deliver drilling mud at high pressure to the boiler for spray combustion for harmless treatment. Spray pressure 8 kg, flow 15 cubic hours, wear resistance, stable operation, long service life, low operating cost.
  Introduction to other pumps:
  The project first used for centrifugal wear - resistant slurry pump, power 30 kw, pressure 8 kg, flow 20 cubic meters. After using for 3 days, the flow decreases and the pressure cannot go up. After inspection, it was found that the impeller and pump housing were badly worn and needed to be replaced. Screw pump usage: power 22 kw, pressure 10 kg, flow 16 cubic meters per hour. Due to the low suction capacity of the screw pump, the mud could not be absorbed. The flow decreased within 8 hours after the high feed was added, and there was no pressure. It was found that the screw was worn and the screw rubber sleeve was damaged and torn, which could not be used.
  Plunger mud pump usage:
  Motor power 18.5 kw, pressure 20 kg, flow 19 cubic hour. The use pressure is 8kg, the valve core replacement cycle is 3 months, each time 4 unit price is 600 yuan, the plunger seal replacement cycle is 6 months, each time 2 unit price is 80 yuan.
  Comprehensive evaluation: the drilling cuttings contained in the oil-based mud of natural gas drilling are sand and stone slurry, and its abrasion property is very strong. Centrifugal pump and screw pump can not be used because they can not bear the wear of sand and stone, but the plunger mud pump structure of special sand materials on its wear is very small, the main components almost no wear, so it can be used for a long time not affected, compared with other pump plunger mud pump is more suitable for the delivery of this kind of materials.



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