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YB Ceramic Piston Pump

Energy saving pump for YBH filter press

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Energy saving pump for YBH filter press

Special pump for YBH filter press
YBH pump is a pressure sensitive variable pump specially designed for the feed of filter press. It is mainly applicable for the sewage treatment industry when the filtration time of the feed of filter press exceeds 30 minutes. The pump is adjustable constant pressure, automatic variable type. (this pump is not recommended for easy handling materials)
To understand the performance of YBH filter press special energy-saving pump first understand the filter press filter characteristics:
1. Feeding phase: the filter chamber of the press is empty and needs to be filled with materials quickly when feeding. (YBH pump large flow feeding fast filling filter press)
2. Booster filtration stage: when the pressure of the filter press is full of materials and starts to rise, the filter press quickly discharges water. At this time, the filter press also needs a large flow of materials. (YBH pump, low pressure, large flow rate, constant feed, rapid filtration) with the feed pressure gradually rising, the filter cake in the high-pressure filter began to form and become thicker, the water output of the filter press began to decrease from large to small, the filter capacity of the filter press also decreased from large to small, the feed volume also decreased. (YBH pump output flow automatically decreases from large to small, hydraulic system, no overflow, start energy-saving operation.)
3. Pressure-holding filtration stage: the filtration pressure of the filter press rises to the highest set pressure. It is necessary to maintain constant pressure of the feed pressure for filtration. (YBH pump flow to minimum and start to maintain constant pressure feed, the hydraulic system has a very small amount of overflow.)
When the pump starts to feed the filter press and the low-pressure filter, the large flow rate remains unchanged. As the pressure of the filter press increases when the cavity is filled with material, the filtration capacity of the filter press starts to decrease. When the set value is reached, the operating speed of YBH pump controlled by the hydraulic system decreases and the output flow rate decreases. The filtration capacity of the filter press decreases gradually, the feed pressure increases gradually, the feed flow rate of the pump decreases automatically, the minimum flow rate is 20% of the rated flow rate, and the pressure curve of the pump output flow rate is basically consistent with the optimal filter curve of the filter press. As a result, the whole process is highly efficient and energy-saving, saving more than 60% of the ordinary pump.
Compare the following two models:

Note: as the special energy-saving pump selection for YBH filter press is highly targeted, we need to consult our company for the specific selection.
Use case of YBH special energy saving pump for filter press:

Municipal sewage treatment

Pile mud treatment


Industrial sewage treatment

Stone sewage treatment

Drilling mud treatment

Pharmaceutical sewage treatment



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