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Intelligent variable frequency

ZN intelligent variable frequency pump

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Hydraulic plunger mud pump advantages

1. Abrasion resistance: the plunger is fired by alumina ceramic and made by fine grinding. The hardness is above HLC8.5 and the surface roughness is 0.4um. No shear movement of plunger and conveying materials. Suitable for conveying materials containing sand and solid particles.
2. Strong self-imbibition capacity: plunger vacuum pumping method, self-imbibition capacity 4-8 meters (material specific gravity determines the suction range)
3. Adjustable constant pressure automatic variable: the working pressure of plunger mud pump can be adjusted, which can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 0-20 kg. The adjusted pressure will not change because of the change in the output flow of the pump. (the change cannot exceed the maximum flow of the pump, the flow can be zero)
4. High pressure and high efficiency: the maximum pressure of ordinary models is 20kg. The motor power of plunger mud pump is 1 to 2 models smaller than other types of pumps when the pressure is ≥ 5kg and the flow rate is the same.
5, simple operation: pressure adjustment can be done by tightening or relaxing the pressure regulating valve. After adjusting the pressure, the lock is tight, and no further adjustment is needed.
6. Low operating cost: the vulnerable parts of the pump are valve disc and plunger seal. The replacement cycle is 3-6 months for the ceramic mud, 6-12 months for the municipal sludge.
7. Long service life: at least 15 years.
8. Customized production: according to the actual working conditions of each user, it can be flexibly configured to customize the products most suitable for the production needs of customers.
Introduction of ZN intelligent frequency conversion pump
Performance characteristics:
1. Novel structure, simple operation, large flow, high pressure, small vibration, small pressure fluctuation, significant energy saving effect.
2. The plunger seal adopts new materials and structure to extend the service life, reduce the replacement frequency, and eliminate the water lubrication. Seal replacement simple and fast, annual maintenance costs are only a fifth of the screw pump.
3. Input parameters of the touch screen are simple and clear, fault alarm is given in real time and fault points are displayed, which is convenient for maintenance. Through the external port real-time upload pump operating parameters, remote monitoring and operation can be achieved. Can also be connected to other equipment to achieve automatic control.
Product description:
Zn-series intelligent frequency conversion pump is the latest hydraulic filter press feed pump developed by our company. After three years of research and development, this pump has four national patents. Set of intelligent, multi-purpose in one, is the most professional and efficient filter press feed pump.
According to the filter characteristics of the material and the model number of the filter press, it is convenient to write the program of the required working curve of the filter through the screen, or to write the required pressure, flow and time of a certain stage of the filter in sections, so as to achieve the precise control of the material filtration and achieve the best filtering effect. The intelligent pump monitors the data during the filtration process and calculates the moisture content of the filter cake inside the filter press through the internal calculation. After reaching the set requirements, it will automatically stop and give the discharge signal of the filter press to make the filter press discharge. After discharging, the intelligent pump of the filter press will automatically start the feeding and the filter press can realize full automatic operation.
The main wear-resisting parts of ZN intelligent pump adopt alumina ceramic firing and polishing to mirror surface, the service life is more than 5 years. Intelligent frequency conversion control of the entire filtration process to achieve no overflow operation, compared with other feed pump energy saving more than 70%. The patented structure design eliminates the long running water lubrication of the plunger pump, greatly improves the working environment, makes maintenance easier and faster, and improves the working efficiency of the filter press.
The products are mainly used for spray drying, filter press feeding dehydration, mud high-pressure delivery.
Used for filter press feed, according to the filter characteristics of processed materials, through the screen easy to write the required filter work curve, to achieve the best filtering effect. The intelligent pump monitors the data in the filtration process and internally calculates the moisture content of the filter cake in the filter press. After reaching the set requirements, it will stop automatically and give the discharge signal of the filter press to make the filter press discharge. After discharging, the filter press presses the intelligent pump and starts the feed by itself. The intelligent pump of ZN improves the working efficiency, saves the filtration time and reduces the energy consumption, saving more than 70% compared with other feed pumps.
Used for spray drying tower, boot set only on the LCD screen after working pressure, pump in the process of running, on the basis of the guarantee set pressure, the program will automatically adjust the motor speed to achieve no relief operation, to achieve the best transmission efficiency, reduces the energy consumption, than the original plunger pump on the workings of a relief valve pressure regulating energy saving more than 30%, operation of the inverter, reduce the oil temperature at the same time reduce the oil pump and hydraulic parts of wear, prolong the service life of hydraulic parts.
Customized production can best meet your requirements
Order process
1. Online consulting customer service to initially communicate with you, and arranging engineers to communicate with you one-on-one in detail
2. Arrange the engineer to make the plan and quote according to your working condition
Both parties shall determine the plan and price and sign the contract
Arrange production and deliver goods on time
Arrange and guide installation and debugging of equipment
6. After sales service

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