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ZN double acting pump

ZNDS single cylinder double acting pump

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ZNDS single cylinder double acting pump is a new generation product with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company on the basis of ZN intelligent pump. It overcomes the defects of YB series and has the following characteristics:

1. The volume is reduced by 1/3 and the flow is increased by 2 times.
2, high pressure leakage-free operation, the elimination of lubrication water greatly improve the working environment.
3. The power is 1/3 of the same flow and same pressure YB series. (special type for filter press), it can realize the seamless connection between intelligent control and computer and other program control.
4. The wear-resisting parts are self-lubricating ceramics and self-lubricating seals. The main seal replacement cycle is 2 years for the environmental protection industry, 1 year for the ceramic industry, and more than 10 years for the ceramic parts.
5. The new design of the hydraulic system removes the oil supplement piston, increases the reversing buffer mechanism, adopts the import seal, the high hardness oil cylinder, the plunger oil pump makes the hydraulic system longer life and less problems.
The products are divided into filter press, high-pressure spray drying and high-pressure delivery. Various valve body designs are suitable for handling various materials.

ZNDS single cylinder double acting pump
model The rated flow The amount(M³/H) Pressure range(MPA) The rated pressure(MPA) The motor power(KW) Suction/discharge pipeThe diameter of
ZNDS3-20 20 0-2.2 2 7.5 Φ108/Φ108
ZNDS4-30 30 0-2.2 2 11 Φ133/Φ133
ZNDS5-55 55 0-2.2 2 22 Φ140/Φ140
ZNDS6-90 90 0-2.2 2 30 Φ180/Φ180

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